Hourly rate
We offer all of our clients a free 30-minute consultation. Contact us.

Furthermore, a fee is determined based on the time of work spent on a case. Our hourly rates vary from 1.500,- NOK eksl mva (1.875,- NOK inkl mva) – 2.000,- NOK eksl mva (2.500,- NOK inkl mva).

An hourly rate depends on the complexity of a case and the work contributed by a solicitor or lawyer. Moreover, other costs incurred due to a case are added to the price, such as court fees, etc. In some cases, such as inheritance, marriage, transfer of title, etc., we offer our legal assistance at a fixed price.

Commission Contract
When we take a decision to accept an order, a Client receives a confirmation with the description of an order as well as a contract and detailed terms and conditions of cooperation.

Real estate assignments
We offer all types of real estate services for competitive prices. We can tailor the assignment after your need.

Contact us for more detailed information and a noncommittal price offer.

Examples of assignments with fixed prices:

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«No cure no pay»
In some cases there can be agreed upon that the lawyer-fee can be dependend on the outcome of the case. This must be negotiated and agrred upon with the lawyer before the assignment starts.

Legal aid insurance
Depending on the terms of your insurance policy, there might be coverage for legal aid under the insurance for household goods, damage, property or car insurance.

The lawyer will examine if you have the proper insurance and if legal aid is covered based on the terms of the insurance policy.

In most cases the insurance company will charge a minor deductible fee when using the policy for legal aid.

Free legal aid
If you meet the terms decided by the government, you might have the right to get free legal aid according to the «lov om fri rettshjelp». The basic terms is that you do not have over NOK 246 000,- if you are single and NOK 369 000,- if you are married. In addition it is a term that you do not have more than NOK 100 000,- in fortune (including real estate).

Some cases might give you the right to get free legal aid regardless of the terms. Examples of these are asylum cases, child services cases, cases regarding forced marriage and criminal injuries compensation cases.

Call us, and we will evaluate and examine whether you are eligible for fre legal aid paid by the government.

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